A firm building that lies in harmony with the green surroundings

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A firm building that lies in harmony with the green surroundings

There’re several development projects that prefer placing buildings within a green surrounding in order to be embraced by fresh ambience with large and small trees blending as part of the construction. However, there’re so many issues that they have to face, whether the difficulty of keeping the original form of the trees throughout the construction, or when a tree cannot grow fast enough to fulfill the beauty of the finished buildings. H-BEAM structure will thus perfectly help end those issues that arise when it comes to developing a project that combines structural and natural charms.

Naiipa Art Complex knows well how to make the environment and steel structures coexist

Naiipa Art Complex is an art community that places an architectural masterpiece at the heart of natural surroundings. The project owner desired not to cut down any one of the trees previously grown so as to ensure that all visitors and building users can relish lively work and residential environment in the nestling of green spaces. With potential in both term of natural features and transportation,  the project is located in Soi Sukhumvit 46, just right next to a BTS station, and boasts greenery. Naiipa is a community that caters to the lifestyle of art enthusiasts. There are office spaces for rent, coffee shops, restaurants, and galleries.

A perfect blend of steel structure and nature

As the owner would like to keep all the trees that existed before the project landed, construction and maintenance costs inevitably increased. Therefore, the construction team required a detailed plan, starting from surveying the location to find the best spots for piles, as they didn’t’ want to damage the roots of the trees. Also, H-BEAM was chosen for the structure and helped lessen the weight of the building. With that lower weight, the foundation can be made smaller while the number of piles is also less. Thus, it didn’t need too many efforts to blend in the architectural structure with all those trees. There is an open-air bridge to lead us into the embrace of the nature, which can be made into a long-spanning space to allow wind flows and go over the trees. The team could simply control the forms and directions of the construction. In addition, H-BEAM materials are blending well with the trees without leaving liquid cement that is hazardous to the environment. If choosing concrete substances, there were chances where trees would get destroyed.  As a result, choosing H-BEAM, which can go along well with the landscape works, is an essential part to help develop this kind of space in the future without damaging the nature.