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Whistleblowing system of Siam Yamato Steel Co., Ltd

Siam Yamato Steel Co., Ltd. (SYS) has always focused on good governance. The Company has been operating fairly and fairly with the stakeholders. And it’s important to be transparent.

SYS provides channels for business partners to file whistleblowing in case of violation. Report any clues that may cause damage to the company. This is because of non-compliance with the Code of Business Ethics. The company will maintain your information very well. And done very concisely.

The Company therefore requires the SCG Audit Director to be independent in its investigation of the whistleblowing. Your whistleblowing will be screened initially. And go to the whistleblowing process until the facts continue. The whistleblowing must provide true information. Do not accuse others without clear evidence. Please provide the name of the contact person. For more information, please contact us

Whistleblowing channel

  1. E-mail address
  2. Letter to Director of SCG Audit Office. The Siam Cement Public Company Limited Bang Sue Bangkok 10800
  3. Phone 02-586-6360

This channel does not accept complaints about product quality or service. Please contact your dealer, distributor or SYS Call Center at 02-586-7777.

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