SYS has emphasized on product quality along with environmental stewardship. The company is responsible to society and communities in terms of alternative energy. SYS uses Solar Cell panels to reduce the energy used to generate electricity. SYS has continually recognized the importance of air, monitoring equipment and dust removal systems at the factory shafts.

H-BEAM steel from SYS is qualified steel material

It is known as Green Building Material according to the principle of 3R (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) that can be recycled and recycled 99%.

It is the circular economy of raw materials and products to optimize resource efficiency, reduce dependence on natural resources and create sustainable value for the organization and its stakeholders.


R1 – Reduce

Limit material consumption, increase cost-effectiveness


R2 – Reuse

Reusable structure


R3 – Recycle

100% recycle

EAF steel production process from 100% recycled raw materials.

EAF or Electric Arc Furnace is SYS steel manufacturing process by Arc welding method, selecting 100% recycled steel raw materials for remelting with electric power through chemical composition control to meet advance standards.

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) will be able to control the quality of steel more precisely. Structural steel is of high quality and energy saving compared to other steel fabrication technologies.

In addition to the production process of SYS with EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) design, high-quality structural steel is obtained, it is also an environmentally friendly production process.

It is a manufacturing process that uses iron to melt using electricity. It emits less carbon dioxide (CO2) than the Blast Furnace process, which uses iron ore to smelt and use coal for energy. SYS’s production plays a part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving the environment as much as possible.


SYS has been certified for environmental standards from the following agencies:
Environmental certifications of SYS

Climate Action Data Provider




CE-CFP (Circular Economy- CFP)


ISO 14001--2015 Environmental Management System


ISO 50001-2018 Energy Management System


ISO 14064-1 : 2018 Greenhouse Gases Verification Statement


ISO 14067 : 2018 Product Carbon Footprint Statement


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