SYS Standard

SYS STANDARD มาตรฐานที่ลูกค้าไว้วางใจเสมอมา

SYS STANDARD, the standard trusted by customers.

Service standards and product quality are important things that SYS has never overlooked. We are committed to improving quality and comprehensive service to meet the needs and give confidence to customers continuously under the standard of SYS to ease your steel structure work as your expectation.

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Reliable Source of Production

SYS is made in Thailand which is a reliable source. All products can be inspected at every stage of production. Customers have trusted SYS products for more than 25 years. It is a confirmation that the products and services from SYS can always meet the needs and satisfy the customers. SYS is committed to every step of the process according to the “SYS STANDARD” to ensure that customers use quality products and receive service both before and after the sale with intention and sincerity. We are ready to fully assist our customers in every aspect. Therefore, customers have confidence that SYS will be able to accommodate every project as smoothly as possible.


Ready Stock

Due to it is a product that has a production base in the country, customers can rest assured that our products are ready to ship which facilitates the next step of construction faster than ordering from abroad. Moreover, it is also reliable with domestic production processes that can clearly check the quality according to factory standards.


Quality Guarantee

Controlling the production process within the factory according to international standards through every step has been paid attention to by SYS. Customers can be assured that the quality of the products received will meet the standards. The product details are displayed in the SYS Mill Certificate. Moreover, SYS’s after-sales product inspection service is a guarantee for consumers with more peace of mind.


Consult with Professional Team

Another standard of sincere and comprehensive service from SYS is constant attention by being a good consultant to consumers by a team of specialist engineers who are ready to give advice and planning from the design stage to the construction that will facilitate every steel structure step perfectly.