Management Policy

” At SYS, we are providing quality products and premium services to satisfy customer’s requirements with good governance and sustainably being under accountability to social responsibility, environment, energy, as well as occupational health and safety, which is the organization’s responsibility as a whole. “

   1Establish, maintain, continually improve and develop management of quality, environmental, energy, occupational health and safety, consistent social responsibility including risk management and provide resource needs in each processes of the company.
   2Conducting business with good governance, transparency, respecting human rights as well as complying with the laws, rules, regulations, agreements with the community and other international guidelines for sustainable development.
   3Safety at work is a direct duty in the line administration and responsibility of all the employees and related parties.
   4Develop technology and continuous improvement to ensure consistent quality products according to standards, enough quantity, delivered accurately according to the needs of customers by taking consideration into production and products that are friendly to the environment and not causing pollution and including the improvement of energy performance, water usage and other resources worthily. 
   5Survey and listen to the interested party in order to improve products and services, energy, environmental and occupational health and safety including social contribution to be corresponding to the interested party requirements.
   6Promote and improve training and activities to develop all worker’s skill, educate their knowledge through the quality awareness in mind which affect to environment, safe operation, procurement and design for energy efficiency and environmentally friendly and management to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from various activities of the organization effectively.
   7Publish IMS Policy to all employees to understand, comply and strictly implement.
   8SYS shall review IMS policy, objective and target including assess the system at least once a year in order to suit to the business plan, continually improve and be able to publish to the social.