Steel Solution Services

Steel Solution Services

A full range of steel solution services

Structural Design

Architects or project owners can consult with steel solution team on their architectural designs budget advisory and, solutions on different construction constraints, such as, limitation of construction time, small construction sites. As well as devising a structural design with strength, cost-efficiency to meet the concept design.

          After complete/confirm on the structural design, Steel Solution team shall survey the construction site to plan for the construction and transportation of the appropriate length structural steel components. The next step is to prepare a shop drawing for the architect or engineer to precisely review the design. The team also used to communicate with steel fabricators to accurately fabricate parts and contractors to inspect  fabricated items at the construction site for ensuring the steel frame structure is properly assembled and erected.


          The fabrication of hot-rolled structural steel sections according to the shop drawing will be conducted in factories where have advanced tools and machinery for marking, cutting, drilling, welding, bending, and coating to ensure that the fabricated steel sections attain more precise lengths and sizes, which is more accurate than on-site fabrication.

For projects in need of some hot-rolled structural steel components or custom structural applications such as section bending, steel solution can offer a design service and price estimates for the fabrication.

In addition, it also offers a metal fabrication service according to the customer’s design. For customers in need of a large member of pre-fabricated structural steels or projects utilizing structural steel elements with a uniform profile, such as, carports, shop houses, etc., Steel Solution provides various standard section shapes and sizes that they can choose from to meet their specific application needs. Customers can also demand customization of the steel work components to ensure fast, accurate, and precise on-site fabrication, thereby reducing time and expenses.

Hot-rolled Structural Steel Fabrication Techniques

Our structural steel fabrication is carried out by highly skilled professionals with expertise in using advanced tools, with personal protective equipment to ensure maximum work performance. They perform with a thorough study of the detailed drawings.

Cutting Using friction sawing and flame cutting techniques to minimize steel distortion, the steel cutting starts with measuring and marking off the  required lengths of steel, tightly secured by a clamping device. The high standard cutting results in workpieces with the precise size as required.

Drilling Using a high-speed steel drill and a standard clamping device.

Bending A powerful bending machine is used so as not to compromise the load bearing capability of the steelwork. Proper bending results in an accurate size and bending radius as required.

Welding  High standard welding equipment and tools in a work environment by a professional welder where nature elements including wind, moisture, and temperatures are optimally controlled. The welder is provided with a safe welding space where he can stand to perform the welding in an accurate and safe position. After the operation, the welds will be thoroughly  inspected to ensure no distortion which can compromise the efficiency of the workpieces.

Coating After the welding of structural steel elements is completed, they will be cleaned to remove surface contaminants before galvanizing and coating as specified.

Erection of Steel Structures

As the fabrication of steelwork carried out in the shop, the prefabricated components are then delivered to the construction site for erection. To secure individual steel components in place, Bolted Connections will be made with bolts and nuts, allowing for faster installation and better quality control than other erection techniques. Moreover, the erection of structural steelwork of the highest standard makes it easy to check alignment of horizontal and vertical joints whether the bolted connections are fully tightened.           For a project with an architectural and engineering plan in hand, Steel Solution offers consultancy on the use of hot-rolled structural steel in construction, encompassing construction scheduling, delivery of fabricated steel components, and erection at site. Our staff work in coordination with other construction teams, consulting and monitoring the erection process through to completion with priority given to safety. This ensures smooth operations with the efficient control of construction time and budget.

Erection of Steel Structures Using the Bolted Connection Technique

Bolted Connections can perform for fast and easy erection with neat joints in a steel frame, where the technique keeps the site clean and easy to maintain.


Each and every steel component and joint in a steel frame that made with bolted connections will be thoroughly inspected to ensure strength in accordance with the design. An inspection is also carried out for the alignment of horizontal and vertical joints as well as the tightness of the bolts and nuts.

Distinctive Features of Steel Solution Services

The experience and expertise in structural design ensures the following outstanding features:

It is designed in accordance with the standards of The Engineering Institute of Thailand, AISC, and other relevant laws.
The steel structure and joints are made from high strength steel, which the design of composite steel and concrete structure boasts excellent load-bearing capacity.
Accommodating architectural design needs
Structural steel shop drawings that show the details necessary for shop fabrication are prepared for review prior to the fabrication of components.