Be Friendly to Your Surroundings and Cut Resource Usage with the H-Beam Steel Structure

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  • Be Friendly to Your Surroundings and Cut Resource Usage with the H-Beam Steel Structure

Because construction is also one of those activities that affect the environment, nature and community in the long run, deliberate selection of materials or green building criteria that involve environmental friendliness are thus a current focus of entrepreneurs and investors, as well as companies, as these factors are not only to ensure good standards, but they also enhance economic opportunities and demands for building use.


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At present, what should be paid attention to and what becomes more important, besides the beauty and usability of the building area, is the environmental friendliness and sustainability of its structure. This isn’t only about energy saving, but also the management of pollution during construction and the selection of green materials. It’s a principle or rule that helps minimize a building’s impact on the surrounding environment.

Over the past 10 years, the trend and demand for eco-friendly buildings has increased dramatically, starting from the production process through to the construction and recycling, all of which are based on the respective principles.  Due to that trend, the growth rate and demands for steel structure buildings have also increased accordingly.

Green Building, Beyond Energy Saving

            For the developers of green buildings who offer a lease of whole buildings or warehouses, apart from less impacts and designs that are based on long-term environmental stewardship and sustainable energy saving you get, it’s likely that your property will attract companies, either local or international, which adhere to a corporate policy that concerns green buildings or sustainable construction materials, to make a deal. On the other hand, if you’re a developer and user at the same time, you’ll probably enjoy a building that optimizes energy usage and sustainability in all aspects, as well as being more environmentally and socially friendly, while also building a good corporate image.  

HBeam Steel Structure, the Beginning of a Green Building

            Green or eco-friendly buildings are a trend and change in the construction sector that many countries have been focusing on to an extent that it becomes criteria for building evaluation, e.g., LEED of the United States, TREES of Thailand, DGNB of Germany, or even GREEN MARK of Singapore. These criteria demonstrate environmental care and prioritize the environment in construction.

            The rules of each country may differ, but the focus is the same as we all aim to build a sustainable, energy-saving building with minimum disturbances to the surroundings and environmentally-sound materials. That’s the reason why the H-Beam steel structure is the first step in constructing a green building. The H-Beam steel structure can be effortlessly installed and constructed. There’s no problem even if the construction site is located in a slum area. On top of reducing noise and pollution, H-Beam ensures an endless cycle of steel production and recycling, sustainably and efficiently reducing exploitation of natural resources and energy consumption in steel production.

Steel Structure HBeam Structure That Grows with Green Buildings

            The trend of green building in Thailand has jumped 3 times, or about 80%, in 5 years and there is a tendency for the demand of green buildings, both local and international, to increase as well. That makes entrepreneurs, developers and investors increasingly decide to build or use green buildings. Despite the higher cost than conventional buildings, the long-term value and economic and financial opportunities it offers do make green buildings worth investing in.

 Also, the H-Beam steel is considered the first material to be used in the construction of green buildings thanks to its features and advantages that are conducive to both construction and use. The fortes of SYS’s H-Beam are that it’s locally manufactured and nearly 100% recyclable steel. It can be simply installed, prepared and handled while also ensuring that your projects will truly meet the green criteria even more.

            In terms of changes to reduce the impacts on the environment, which is a matter of concern focused by many countries, the use of the H-Beam steel structure, which can be demolished and recyclable, or  forged into new steel while consuming less energy in smelting the steel, is considered an important approach that can reduce the impacts of construction on the environment, climate, energy and urban communities in a sustainable way.