Transform conventional construction to save the planet with Steel Solution by SYS

Nowadays, constructions can no longer be simply ordinary steel structural buildings. The best way to build steel structural buildings with excellent quality and in an ecologically responsible manner is to use structural steel from SYS and the Steel Solution by the SYS team since, in addition to quality, protecting the environment is also a concern that society values and considers being of utmost importance.

The construction industry is considered an activity that has a significant environmental impact. Therefore, being able to change operations to be more quality and sustainable, in addition to having a favorable impact on the building to be stable and having a good image, also helps to distribute the environmental advantages to the surrounding society.

Steel Solution by the SYS team will help prepare the steel structure to be accurate according to the construction drawings at every point by going through various environmentally friendly procedures starting from creating Shop Drawing and 3D Models that help identify the size and number of parts to match the actual use. Therefore, this results in fewer errors and scraps after use and less construction time. The next step is to choose structural steel produced from almost 100% recycled materials to process Prefabrication steel parts in the factory, Reducing the number of cycles to transport parts and returning the waste after use. As a result, the amount of PM 2.5 dust caused by transportation can also be reduced.

The final piece explains how to set it up on the job site. Steel parts designed by the SYS Steel Solution team may be assembled utilizing a bolted connection or a threaded fastener, decreasing emissions. Furthermore, if the building needed to be transferred, the contractor could simply remove the bolts and shift the structure to a new position. It is a cost-effective way of extending the life cycle of resources before returning them to the recycling process.

As a result of all of this, anyone who are interested in developing a high-quality steel structure building that is also environmentally sustainable in all areas can opt to employ hot-rolled structural steel from SYS under the supervision of the Steel Solution team by SYS. In an instant, a standard steel structure building may be transformed into a green and environmentally beneficial structure.