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Owner :  Toyota Rich Chiang Mai Co., Ltd

Architect :  Plank Rich Co., Ltd.

Engineer :  Plank Rich Co., Ltd.

Project : Toyota Rich Showroom in Chiang Mai is part of a large project on approximately 23 rai of land. It consists of a group of 10 buildings of various types of use. The area of ​​this showroom building and car service center building is 1,600 sq m. Architects need designs that are outstanding, impressive, fast. The important thing is to meet the standards of Toyota Thailand. That’s why they selected hot-rolled steel structures and services from the Steel Solution by SYS team.

Design to Services : Toyota Rich Chiang Mai’s showroom uses hot-rolled steel structures because the building is limited in the construction period. The building is designed to have a wider column span than usual for a car exhibition area, as well as having to be a strong structure that can support more weight than normal buildings. In addition, the hot-rolled steel structure is suitable for the appearance of modern architectural design and is also easier to check and control quality than other system structures.

Steel Solution Services : The design engineers have been working with the Steel Solution by SYS team since the beginning of the project. All parties are coordinated during the design phase to compute the structure and disassemble it one by one on a computer at a scale of 1:1 first. Then process the actual parts from the factory. Every piece of steel must be trimmed, processed and painted according to Toyota Thailand showroom standards. At the same time, steel must be exquisite and beautiful as a showroom building. Important customer service, Steel Solution by SYS provides services from design, structural calculation, fabrication, drilling, cutting, bending, painting, as well as on-site assembly. This 1600 square meter building can be completed and ready for use in only 6 months.