The Chiangmai Complex Parking

Owner : The Chiangmai Complex

Architect : Plank Rich Co., Ltd.

Engineer : Plank Rich Co., Ltd.

Project :  The Chiangmai Complex is a modern market that is crowded every day. The project owner requires more parking spaces to make it easier for users to use the service faster. The project owner proposes to build a parking building with an area of ​​4,000 square meters on the original car park area. With plans to expand the open space market in the future, the owner requires a building that can be relocated or moved. This is the reason for choosing a hot-rolled structure building from SYS.

Design to Services : With the condition that the project owner cannot close the area for building construction because the tenants in the market must be open every day and the customers still want to park the car at the same parking lot. The new car park building must be built quickly and without much impact on the site. The designer and owner decided to use a hot-rolled steel structure assembled with bolted connection system , dismantling the parts from the factory and assembling on site. It takes only 30 days to install with guidance and assistance from a team of engineers from Steel Solution by SYS from the beginning of the design work until the building is completed and ready for use.

Steel Solution Services : The engineering team from Steel Solution by SYS assists in every process to eliminate the limitations in design, prepare the site, arrange for the transport of the processed steel to collect piles and assemble without occupying the original parking space. Construction of steel structures in the provinces requires local labor. Steel Solution by SYS team provides knowledge of local technicians so that they can construct perfectly. This building is successful and perfectly meets the needs of the project owner and users.