The Cycle of Structural Steel: A Material for a Prosperous Future

Over 90% of materials brought into SYS’s production process is recycled steel. This results in reduced mining, quarry, and environmental destruction to obtain iron ore. In its manufacturing process, SYS employs an Electric Arc Furnace technology, or simply called EAF, to facilitate steel recycling. This innovation emits 5 times less carbon compared to the Blast furnace, and enables control of iron liquid quality. Thanks to the light weight of the finished products, in addition to saving energy for installation during a construction, it also benefits transportation as well.

Plus, steel structures are curated and designed to suitably fit all sizes and shapes and are ready to be installed on site right away, which means scraps and leftover materials are no longer a problem. Furthermore, using steel as a building structure helps cut transportation costs with less labor required at the same time, leading to minimum pollution problems, whether dust or noise, in nearby areas.

At the end, when it comes to waste collection or demolition of an unused steel structure, people find it easy to dismantle the structure and obtain parts for further recycling to produce new structural steel. This non-complexity makes you feel at ease about energy being consumed in disposing of or managing it, unlike concrete structures. Without polluting the environment, hot-rolled structural steel is thus an environmentally-friendly cyclical material and something that can be used infinitely.