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Definitely, it’s undeniable that the current trends of sustainability and energy-saving have drawn more and more attention, making everything around us, no matter which industry it’s related to, need to adapt to and keep up with the pace. H-Beam steel structure is, likewise, never falling behind, boasting features that are not only green to the planet, but also help reduce material waste. As such, H-Beam has been considered a construction material of the new era that is reliable and friendly to the environment.

It won’t be wrong to say construction is an activity that tremendously affects the environment and our surroundings, as it involves an extensive range of processes, starting from the production whereby various materials are being used, through to the site preparation and waste handling after construction. This repetitive cycle inevitably imposes impacts on our society and the surrounding environment. However, at present, there are innovations and technologies available to make the construction process more efficient and sustainable. A factor of such success can be nothing but H-Beam steel, which is a material of the today’s era that is so nice to our planet.

Thanks to the dry process, H-Beam is environmentally-friendly

H-Beam brings us a milder process like “Dry Construction” which simplifies on-site management, facilitating easy installation using bolts and nuts, reducing noise pollution, among others. As the structure is finished from the factory, on-site construction requires less materials and assisting equipment, resulting in smaller amount of waste and fewer tools and stuffs. And that means the site you’re working at will not be messed up and seems to be tidier and cleaner than ever before. This type of steel is a sustainable choice, which is not only best for the environment, but also for all workers as it provides easiness in life and better work environment – free of noise and dust

Steel structure is a renewable resource

An outstanding feature and advantage of concrete structure is that it can be dismantled into pieces while the steel parts are still recyclable. Steel recycling process can produce an endless feed of steel. Most importantly, once all the unwanted compounds are melted and removed from the recycled steel, its properties and strength will be maintained and upgraded, making it meet all standards expected by the users and ensuring that the construction is of good quality and accountability.

H-Beam steel structure reduces impacts on the environment

In obtaining resources for construction, it’s necessary to drill or destroy a natural area in order to get minerals or certain elements for further processing. Apart from destroying nature, these production processes are also wasting energy. Anyway, H-Beam is different. It can be recycled endlessly, and that helps reduce the amount of base material used in production, contributing to less natural disturbances and destruction.

Steel structure that saves energy

Recycling steel uses half the energy compared to producing a new one. According to data from MTEC, the National Center for Metal and Materials Technology, steel recycling has been continuously developed and can save energy in the production process at up to 74%. It also reduces the number of new materials used by 90% and greatly cut the amount of waste material. When combined with bolt & nut construction method, this type of steel requires no complex tools or equipment, thus H-Beam steel is totally an energy-efficient material, both for its production and when used in construction. 

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