I-Mobile Stadium


The hot-rolled structural steel roof supports a very large structure that extends very well and also produces clean attractive filaments. The past and present are connected by steel material.

New I-Mobile Stadium, Buriram United Football Club’s office, and home stadium, although the stadium’s design is based on the ancient architecture of Prasat Hin Phanom Rung, the club’s symbol. The architects applied various details of the castle such as the arrangement of the stone arches, stone walls, and fences into the design. But the New I-Mobile Stadium has a modern look with all the functions and facilities under the H-Beam structure. In particular, the highlight of the stadium is the 27.50-meter roof overhang without columns to obscure the field’s view. This cable structure design also reveals the elegance of the building’s elements which is the unique identity of the hot-rolled steel structure as well. It is a perfect application of inspiration from ancient architecture and modern architecture.

Design Concept

Hot-rolled structural steel is suitable for large buildings that require a wide column span. to create a panoramic view without any distracting structures The steel structure also has clean lines. But at the same time, it provides a feeling of stability, sharpness, modernity which promotes the architect’s design very well.

Steel Structural

With a limited construction period and a complex project in terms of functionality and capacity. This project uses hot-rolled profiles with high flexibility that can be disassembled or installed on-site as well as flexible during the construction process. It can reduce the problem of errors at the site to operate faster and shorten the construction time beyond other types of structures.