HARIO CAFÉ, a steel-structural coffee shop designed specifically for Specialty Coffee

When it comes to Hario, the specialty coffee aficionados who are involved in the coffee industry must know this brand of high-quality Japanese drip coffee products and equipment. Currently, Hario Café has expanded the area of ​​Specialty Coffee to 3 branches around the world which are the first branch in Japan, the second branch in Jakarta, and the third branch in Bangkok that has collaborated between Hario brands and Aroma Thailand to create a good space for people who love coffee beans in Chokchai 4 area. The interior design of the restaurant looks warm with a Zen-style Japanese garden and a simple and comfortable atmosphere that allows you to sit and chill all day long. Hario Café Bangkok has become both a Specialty Coffee for coffee lovers and a new destination for many people to relax.

Hario Café Bangkok with soft and white H-Beam steel structure design.

Before Hario Café, this area was originally a building located on this land before Hario Café renovated the area by blending with the original structure perfectly. Hario Café’s main adjustments are the interior color scheme and the H-Beam steel structure, enhancing the shop’s design to be more mellow. This mellowness is not only beautiful and modern but also in harmony with the design of the interior of the mezzanine floor, Slow Bar, and the airiness that occurs in the cafe. Hario Café wanted the interior of the cafe to be brighter, airier. Therefore, the white steel structure was chosen because the slimness of the steel structure can help increase the space inside the shop to look spacious. In addition, the soft white color also looks brighter. The straightforward simplicity of the steel structure turns into a warm simplicity.

H-Beam Steel Structure with Slow Bar Design

We wanted to design a large Slow Bar where customers could sit around the bar and decorated with curved wooden frames to add a fluid feel to the design. The H-Beam steel structure not only increases the space to be airy, it also matches the curved timber frame perfectly. It is a structure that depends on each other or to support the load as well.

H-Beam steel structure mezzanine increases floor space and view enhancement.

use of steel structure H-Beam for mezzanine construction not only makes the indoor space more usable, but it also enhances the perspective of customers who come to soak up the atmosphere inside the cafe with high clear glass roof that allows the mezzanine part to see the view of the Zen Japanese garden. You can even look downstairs to explore the coffee-making process at the Slow Bar and enjoy the smooth flow of the relaxed atmosphere.

The timeless beauty of steel structures.

Steel constructions are straightforward and can be applied to designs of any age and style. It became a steel structure charm. Residents can live in this area all day long at this Hario Café. In addition, the cafe also has a chilling area for those who like the outside atmosphere with a wooden slatted zone that uses steel H-Beam columns as the building itself and makes customers feel warm equally.