Steel Solution

Siam Yamato Steel Co.,Ltd (SYS) has manufactured hot -rolled structural steel since 1992. Over the years, SYS  realize that producing and supplying of excellent quality hot-rolled structural steel have fallen short of addressing customers’ latent needs. As there are some limitations on the knowledge related to structural steel work. These include applying suitable applications for hot-rolled structural steel, fabrication of structural steelwork that meets high standards, to the erection of steelwork in combination with other structures, and preparing steel components that withstand different environmental conditions and requirements.

In response to the growing demand, Steel Solution by SYS was established in 2014 to provide consultancy and a full range of services for hot-rolled structural steel projects by our experience and skillful engineers with a wealth of project experience in using hot-rolled structural steel. They are also dedicated to developing hot-rolled structural steel products that best answers for various application needs in order to rise the Thai construction industry to meet international standards.

“Efficient  use of hot-rolled structural steel requires good management, professional structural design, high standard fabrication, and precise erection, which ensure the safest and most cost-effective use of hot-rolled structural steel.”



A full range of steel solution services

Distinctive Features of Steel Solution Services

Structural Design  The experience and expertise in structural design.

Fabrication   Backed by highly experienced staff and state-of-the-art machinery with accuracy and precision, the fabrication services span cutting, drilling, welding, and rust protection. Strict quality control in every stage of fabrication is carried out prior to the delivery of materials to site.

Erection  The Bolted Connection design allows for greater speed, strength, and quality in construction. (Applicable for Thailand only)

Steel Solution is also committed to develop a broad spectrum of innovative products

Hot-rolled structural steel solutions ensure a long useful service life of a structural frame. They boast high resistance to atmospheric corrosion in each specific location.


Steel Solution by SYS realizes the needs of underground work contractors for the design and fabrication of SYS products for various application.


This involves the application of techniques in material engineering, design, and construction to address the various application needs of building users.