Privacy Policy

Privacy policy collected by Siam Yamato Steel Company Limited (SYS)
via the website such an information that you have provided directly and information from your use of the website, including personal information that is protected by privacy rights, such as, name, age, address, telephone number, national identification number, etc. and can identify your identity with accurate and up-to-date.

The information shall be used for various purpose. Please refer to the purposes of collecting personal information specified at the end of this policy.


Purpose of data collection
Your personal information may be used for the following purposes:
1. Create and manage your account ID and contact regarding to your account.
2. Confirm your identity to ensure data security
3. Assess your interest on the job description and contact for job proposals.
4. Provide information and contact you regarding to SYS’s products, services, activities, surveys and various promotions
5. Process, evaluate and response as per your request
6. Perform business, evaluate for business improvement, develop new products/services, manage communication systems, explore markets opportunities, measure and perform advertising and marketing effectiveness as well as analyze products, services and the company’s website
7. Manage risks and improve quality of products and services
8. Fraud prevention, prohibited transactions, claims and other liabilities
9. Preserve service security through the company’s network, protect information sources and employees
10. Investigate and comply with laws, regulations, industrial standards as well as enforcing policies and other requirements the company
11. Support marketing activities and sale promotion programs in accordance with corporate terms and conditions


Personal information collection
SYS may collect your personal information through the company’s website, which shall be maintained in accordance with the law.

SYS shall maintain limited personal information as much as is necessary for the implementation of this privacy policy.

Allowance of your personal information is subjected to your permission. Denying the provision of your personal information may lead to ineffective use of the website. SYS may collect your information by using cookies or other similar features. Please see our Cookie Policy.


Use of personal information
SYS may use personal information for the purposes specified in this policy or for other purposes notified at the time of data collection or as per your given consent after the company has collected the information. The company shall keep your personal information as long as is necessary to fulfill the objective.


Disclosure and sharing of personal information
SYS shall not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties. Except for the following conditions:

1. Law or legal process for disclosure or disclosed to the Government officers or the authority that has an authorization to comply with a lawful order or request

2. When the company deems it necessary to disclose information to prevent any hazard or injury or for investigating potentially illegal acts.

SYS may share your personal information between affiliated companies, service providers of SYS or service providers who SYS determines to provide services to you on behalf of the company. Service providers will not disclose your information except as stated above or only for compliance with the law. The company reserves the right to transfer personal data if there is a sale or transfer of the company or assets.


Protecting personal information
SYS has implemented measures to protect personal information that the company received via the website in accordance with the law to prevent the disclosure, use, change or destruction of personal information without permission.


Changes to privacy policy
SYS may amend this privacy policy without notice in advanced, which shall be announced on the company’s website with the latest amendment date. SYS recommends you to regularly review the policy. Your use of the products or services on our website after the revision of privacy policy shall be presumed of you acceptance on the latest changed policy.


Privacy policy on other websites that associate with SYS’s
Other websites those linked to SYS may have their own privacy policy. Please check when visit the said websites. SYS is not responsible for any damages caused by the content or use of the said website.


Contact to revise information
If you have any queries, suggestion, correction, fix, remove information or any matters relating to your information, please email us at


Information provided via mobile devices
• If you use location-enabled product that may be indicating you location’s information, the company will collect and use that information to provide the service you needed.
• Website-based mobile applications may use cookies, web beacon, or other systems to adjust your website browsing preferences.
• Some mobile applications may use Google Analytics or other similar tools to store your anonymous data in order to support the company on products/services development, and applications’ improvement. The company shall only distinguish, which services and features are most used through the said application as well as information on the type of used equipment, hardware characteristics, downloaded country and language.
• The use of information that the Company receives via mobile devices is in accordance with the privacy policy.


Sharing information collecting by mobile devices
The company shall not share data collecting via mobile devices with third parties. Except in the cases specified in this privacy policy and the following cases:

• The company may provide personal information to partners who provide service as necessary to use via mobile devices.
• Any request will be sent through the network of your mobile service provider, which may access your information. Please check the privacy policy of your network operator for more information.
• Mobile products and services, including which operators may allow you to interact and share your information with others. Please check the mobile device manufacturer’s privacy policy. Mobile carrier or application developers for more information.

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